if and ever
close and never
pitch dark
am i full
to the brim
or just


why these pieces are so heart-
they could have moved a mountain.
meanwhile just make eyes fill.


justam pieces i find myself listening to these days..

me exei trelanei etouto edw katarxas... kai mhn sas kanei entypwsh (sas thymizei mhpws kati aytos o typos? - kserate sta 90's ton scooter? tote mou thn espage ligo - e o idios kyrios einai...) pantws - ayto to melwdiko synth part kai to refrain me exoun kollisei ligo.

etsi to akouw to kommati kai to xorevw sto metro opws aytoi sto videoclip :P (kala, ypervallw ligo)

ayto edw prepei na to exw ksanapostarei sto fb h edw den thymamai.. :) klassikoura - alla apo thn idia epoxh, telh 80's arxes 90's... eksaisio kommati..

kai edw einai apo tis liges periptwseis (telika den einai liges) pou m'aresoun ta ispanika. poly m'aresei to tragoudi. ayto kai to celebrate the nun einai apo mia syllogh pou eixa katevasei palia palia alla twra prosfata mono aksiothika na thn akousw, Houston late 80's club remixes legetai, h kapws etsi. germanoi pantws einai oi cetu javu, mono o singer einai ispanos. poly xoros :P

a kai ayto - oi ispanoi pop Mecano (yparxoun kai alloi pou einai post punk (links) - den milaw gi'aytous) poly wraioi - na kai o typos varvatos plhktras :P

kai as pame stous agaphmenous matia bazar pou einai italoi - den pame makria apo thn ispania :)

kai erxomaste sthn (dikia mas?) lena platonos me to impressionistiko kai peiramatiko videaki pou kai ayto to eixa ksanapostarei kapou - alla paizei na einai apo ta agaphmena mou kommatia ths (koritsi viastiko, diethnis mellontikh gynaika)

epanerxomai opws sto xorevtiko kai oxi poly skeptiko (opws to prohgoumeno kommati) italo disco.. pws mporei na ksexasei kaneis ton gazebo - ta masterpiece, i like chopin, lunatic.... edw se diaskevh apo tous epishs gnwstous italo instrumentalists Koto



refnzied [αφου.. το πρώτο (απο τα πρώτα;) σήριαλ εξωτερικού που έδειξαν στην μετασοβιετική ρωσία (δεν θυμάμαι αν ήταν λίγο πριν το 1991 ή λίγο μετά) - και θυμόμουν απο τότε την μελωδία..] -_επανάληψη εδώ το είχα ξαναποστάρει -|_ΚΑΠΟΥ_|- παλιά παλιά :)




half-written an' all


μοστ οφ δε λινκς ι φαουντ ριντινγκ αφορεμεντιονεντ (λινκ αππιερς του μπι ντέντ - εδώ ζει ακόμα: and following then the steep staircase of links into the unknown

πα-πα-πα-πα..! μαρεσει που γραφει οτι αυτο θα προσελκύσει και τους κοινούς θνητούς pop listeners to the dubstep party next door.

let's get some pop!! let's get poppy.

πόσο μου την σπάνε τα .. τα κάστομ στρήμινγκ όντιο κοντρολς σε μερικές σελίδες που εχουν κρυμμένο ή ΔΕΝ έχουν βόλιουμ κοντρόλ - πρέπει να εχω πάθει aural σοκ κανένα δύο φορές ήδη. οπως επίσης μου την σπάει οταν πρέπει να αλλάζεις συχνά την γλώσσα και έχει συνηθίσει τόσο πολύ το Alt+Shift που βαριέσαι να το αλλάξεις (μάλλον πρέπει να το αλλάξω και όπως toys wise guys να το κάνω Ctrl+Shift) και κάθε φορά που δεν το πατάς συγχρονισμένα φεύγει το φοκους στο μενού του browser, και γίνονται μετά διάφορα παλαβά αμα δεν το προσέξεις..

ντάξει. γκρίνιαξα. τώρα είμαι κομπλέ.
pame gia pio sovara pragamta


and ain't they gush
with passion
and freedom
and no thoughts


still melting some with the HEALTH boys, whose two (radically) remixed albums (DISCO & DISCO2) are quite interesting because the pieces are so tampered with that you barely recognize the originals (really, the original pieces are noise rock or something, very loudish, jagged, post-punky or even post-rockish, and the remixes are really modern electro something, from dancey to experimental, but quite nice-sounding, almost ear-candy some of them - but i adore them..) - the cheesy rap thing in the beginning of the following track wasn't on DISCO 2 album - wish it wasn't here too :)

to all yea junior boys admirers :) (don't know why remembered junior boys - some kind of feeling?) - this frankmusik guy - didn't like much his original pieces, but these acid girls must be a treat, just sort of two guys into blogging and djing who started putting out remixes recently - and this one contains a killer killer refrain part.... (refrain from refrain :P)

this one is so daft punkish (as the above pieces in some way, too) :P love it love it... it so sunnyish...


malchik gay

can't help still remembering (and listening occasionally, now for example) to t.A.T.u. breakthrough album, a mish-mash of english-language songs and their russian versions. well what is great about this album is its intensity - I mean that at times i think that its intensity covers up and hides whatever bad one might say about it.
it's like a soap opera, or those half-dramatic romantic comedy films, that make your breast fill with something, at certain points, if you are the right (for that type of thing) sort of a person.
for sure it was a largely successful music marketing thing (not calling it a trick - because some things don't need tricks to be performed to be sold well)...
but well... even though sometimes i feel funny (say, not serious..) finding myself listening to t.A.T.u. now and then, i kind of can't look down at this type of intensity plus the obvious ear-candiness, but embrace it and admire it.

musicng onsftry

here's a nice article about the emerging new obscure genre in music called sometimes "witch house" - some of this music sort of attracts me somehow, when i want to listen to something more on the mysterious side. there are a number of songs towards the bottom of the above article that show perhaps what it's about.

interesting that they say that this genre is influenced by a darker side of dubstep and hip-hop (salem include more direct hip-hop chanting in some songs) as well as synth pop and current electronica, and by albums such as "untrue" by burial (never knew this is actually characterised as dubstep...) and "silent shout" by the knife

went to wikipedia and read some about dubstep (finally!) - the question tortured me for a while - what on earth is this dubstep? but the style they used on the posters and stuff sort of "polarized" me against it, i wrote it off as something of a cross between hip-hop and dub - well, which is not entirely wrong - it is certainly adventurous and varied as a style, or a movement - and there are also dark and bright sides to it - for example, indeed, burial that i mention above are quite dark and organic, what i'd call the real modern urban sound - but there are many dubstep musicians that are unlike burial - i mean - they are sort of closer to reggae, to something african, although they use heavy sampling, cut-up drum loops and stuff, and may be brighter, in that sort of smoked up manner (takitizy maaan..) - well that was my one-day long foray in dubstep - i went to that forum they talk about and found some clips from utube. introductory...?

this Pitchfork thing is actually good to maybe discover & listen to new stuff

marvellous zoopark today

occasionally speaks

occasionally gets weird.


blip blip blip

ages to discover

vibes all over


as the morning forces itself into the day
and merges with the afternoon calmness
the logical part of the mind clears up a bit
finds it easier to concentrate

ears stand up to more volume
there is a craving for volume
somewhere in the heart
as this craving for intimacy
which causes both fear and longing
that very kind of commotion
we possibilities create

may be in this piece
could be in me
in all of us

dance and forget the fear

blip blip

blip blip blip. try to resist this. :)) see? you carnt

what's so special about 1991?, apart of it being ... just forget it.

no ladytron. seemed.. αμάν γκρινιάζω πάλι. :Ρ

%->[quietly] -<- your lying. %->[whispers] -$- i love it.

found a nice browser for my old computer. called K-Meleon. and it's a kind of relief. almost forgot i'm almost RAM-starving. works ni ce ly.

january split pr_f pr_b attach my head is a bowl with a soup of words and i give them to you. blip blip.

"Access denied" in WinXP

moved to


"...this too
another broken toy,
from a broken girl
gift to a broken boy..."