what a complete human mess.
i remembered i have already seen this movie once before.
i don't know why it slept my attention.
it shouldn't have.
it's just that things are sometimes beyond your age.
the hormone, the brain age,
the watermelon smudge of a heart age.

what a mess that reminds of so much of what we fall into too.
the key phrase - "you have to have a little faith in people". isn't it a laugh. an big guy getting a lesson from a small girl, a guy who has eaten lots of shit, and made lots of shit by himself, learned and trained in human condition, getting this one reminder again. the simpleton, naive, almost laughable reminder. and it ends on that. but it's kind of wry, it's a sort of a normal "happy" moral ending. everyone judges by himself and by his heart. everyone unravels his own mess.